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Short Films

Welcome to the showcase of short documentaries and experimental films produced by BA(Hons) Film students and graduates.

For over a decade BA(Hons) Film staff and students have actively explored both theory and practice of the documentary genre. Several of the most successful documentary productions by Film@Falmouth students have been screened at festivals across the globe. Every year in June the best student films (documentary and fiction) are also shown to general public at Pixelate Film Festival at the Poly cinema in Falmouth.  Take a look at our selection of the most interesting and recent festival  films.

Gustavo’s Corner (2013) dir. Helena Lewis

In the west, Peru is most known for being the home of the Inca Empire and for its violent political history. This film steps away from such preconceptions by telling the story of Gustavo, an incredibly talented and passionate chef. His struggle for financial stability and his relationship with his children all bear a touch of universality in the local context.

Best Factual Film - RTS Devon and Cornwall 2013
Official Selection Fenaco Short Films Competition, Peru 2013

Kuganiza (2009) dir. Sam Palmer

Kuganiza is an experimental meditative piece focussing on East Africa. The documentary footage was shot over several years in various villages in Malawi, in a bid to capture a slice of rural life. The film centres on the close relationship between the people and their land. As bare feet interact with the bare earth, the circular human motions evoke a sense of on-going fluid movement.

Cornwall Film Festival 2009 Best Student Film Winner

An Undertaking (2013) dir. Ed Emsley

This short documentary accesses the inner-workings of the independent undertaker, to see what makes them tick. An Undertaking follows James Showers of Family Tree Funeral Company and Rupert & Claire Callender of The Green Funeral Company. Each character offers a different solution to their daily dealings with death and finds different methods of normalising their trade. 

Cornwall Film Festival 2013
Hollow Earth Film Festival 2013
St Albans Film Festival 2014
Celtic Media Festival 2014
Liverpool Lift-Off Festival 2014

Lady Hamilton (2012) dir. Alex Hudson & Will Darby

A journey through the life of one of Cornwall’s greatest and longest serving fishermen, Chris Bean. Filmed aboard his boat, the ‘Lady Hamilton’, Chris guides the viewer through the ways his industry has changed over the years. From the story of how he built his first boat, aged eleven, to almost sinking ‘Lady Hamilton’ under a record catch of mackerel, Chris’ narration provides a unique insight into his traditional lifestyle.

Cornwall Film Festival 2012

One Mississippi (2011) dir. Rebecca Louise Tiernan

Made with the use of archival American music and footage, One Mississippi is an experimental psycho-narrative viewing four girls playing skipping rhymes within an array of fields.

Cornwall Film Festival 2010 (Honorary Mention)
Another Women's Film Experiment Festival at the Millennium Workshop in NYC in November 2011
Video Art Series at the Armory Art Center in Pasadena, CA in December 2012

Fabalous (2012) dir. Ed Emsley

In his flat, filled to the ceiling with the artefacts of his life, Michael J. Howells tells us his story. When he’s not caring for his cat or his MS-stricken wife, he returns to his art, determined to keep depression at bay.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2012

Finding Johnny Depp (2010) dir. Jamie Munton

Filmed as part of the BA Film documentary module in December 2009, this short mockumentary project explores the bizarre nature of rumours and celebrity in South Cornwall.

The Delabole Slate Audience Award at the Cornwall Film Festival 2010
Featured by film magazine Little White Lies as part of their Grass Roots segment, which focuses on upcoming filmmakers

Human Textures (2011) dir. Katarina Complova

Human textures depicts the hands of four people while performing their everyday actions, emphasising the abstract shapes and lines on their skin created by light and shadow. Film explores not only the textures of skin, but also draws the attention to rhythm, movement of the hands and the intonation of voices.

International Film Festival of Experimental Film in Bratislava, Slovakia 2012
'Student films from beyond La Manche', Bratislava, Slovakia 2012
Cornwall Film Festival 2011

Smile When You Call Me Hillbilly (2012) dir. Miles Barker

The Bluegrassers hate them. The folkies hate them. But Cornish Old Time Hillbilly Mountain Music outfit The Devil’s Hatband couldn’t care less. Because for them music is not about conforming to any rigid agenda. For the Devil’s Hatband, music is about fun, friendship and offending people.